Meineke Car Care Center on Market Street in York will help you decide when it's right to switch to winter, or snow, tires.

The weather is getting colder with forecasters predicting that, by late this week, overnight temperatures will be dipping below freezing. Daytime temperatures are expected to climb to the mid-40s. The chill has many drivers wondering when it's time to change from all-season tires to winter tires (also called snow tires).

Tire manufacturer Goodyear, and many others, suggest the right time is when the temperature hits about 45 degrees.

"Winter tires (also called snow tires) are a critical part of driving in parts of the country where cold, inclement weather makes driving a challenge. These tires are seasonal tires and designed specifically to provide traction when ambient temperatures drop towards freezing, and as such shouldn’t be used year-round. With most seasonal tires, 45°F ambient temperatures mark when you should consider switching out your seasonal tires," Goodyear says.

Goodyear explains: "Generally, summer or all-season tires may start to become less effective as temperatures fall below 45°F. Thus, as temperatures start to consistently drop below 45°F, if you’re planning to use a winter tire, it’s time to change over. Accordingly, many people in the U.S. have long used a rule of thumb of using winter or snow tires from Thanksgiving to Tax Day – basically, November to April. Of course, though, this varies based on your local climate."

The tire company says you should also take into consideration the time of day you generally drive. If you do a lot of driving in the early morning hours, you're going to be coping with colder temperatures than someone who does the majority of their driving in the middle of the day. So, when you're deciding when to change tires, consider your driving habits and needs.

If you're still not sure, the best thing to do is consult with York tire experts like those at the Meineke Car Care Center on Market Street. They can help you decide not only when to switch tires but also what tire is best for you, your car and your driving style. Meineke carries all brands and models of tire.

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