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Web design and more importantly web programming has been a passion since the Internet was brought to the masses via services like Compuserve and AOL in the late eighties and early nineties. Prior to taking on the World Wide Web I started with Basic programming moving into database management and creation with Pinellas Counties 911 CAD System. The 911 system required several languages including PICK operating and PROC with BASIC programming as well as dictionary management. This led to programming in PHP, MySQL for the Web as well as the standard HTML, SHTML, DHTML, Java, Javascript and others. Some major Continue Reading

Cappuccino media graphic designer


With over 20 years experience in marketing and fundraising, Shelly is a graphic designer, copy writer and marketing guru with a heart. Her designs and creative marketing strategies have raised millions of dollars for many deserving charities over that last 20 years. Her experience spans print media, radio and TV production, Internet promotion and advertising, email campaigns as well as several celebrity based auctions and promotions.

SEO Specialist


SEO SEO SEO... Keywords/phrases/CTR,conversions, blah blah blah.. All the things we hate Austin loves. He digs in to analytics and SEO optimization so your site can get the best organic results then applies his knowledge to pay per click advertising to get your website ranked with a solid footing for the future.

Blog writer


Writing is a passion and she expresses her passion everyday for Cappuccino Media Group. Blogging, content creation and copy editing for major media publications for the last 20 years. She joined Cappuccino Media Group last year and has been typing ever since.