The Top 4 Digital Marketing Tactics




Often viewed as social media’s dowdy sibling, properly
produced email campaigns are the strategically tried & true
workhorse of digital marketing. It’s hard to beat its targeted reach
and low cost investment. But keep in mind, earning the
right to stay in their inboxes requires delivering consistent
value, both in the content and offers delivered.

“It’s relatively cheap; consumers opt-in so they are very
receptive to the marketing message, and it’s fairly easy to measure success.”

Bob Arnold, Associate Director of Global Digital Strategy



It’s not a stretch to see that social media is the new “it” girl
on the digital marketing block. But, it’s not enough to throw
your brand into the social media arena. To be effective, your
brand needs to interact through social media efforts in a way
that conforms to the medium itself. That means your brand
needs to behave, sound and act like human beings.

“Figure out what’s most relevant and essential about your
brand on a human to human level, and then relentlessly express
it in a tone that is natural and consistent.”

Linda Boff, Executive Director of Global Digital Marketing
General Electric



Digital is a whole different animal than print or broadcast.
And, consumers relate to it on a wholly different level; they
tend to engage with brands in the same way they engage
digitally with other human beings. This takes rethinking your
brand’s “voice”. Approach digital marketing with a “corporate”
voice and it falls flat. Even worse, it can often feel a bit like
a violation to consumers. Being successful part of digital
revolution requires companies to tailor their “voice” for digital

“People are intimate with the social media world – they sleep
with their iphones, they take them to the bathroom, they plan
family dinner, and dates, and shop for their infants online.
These are precious, private moments for folks, and any
banner ad, Facebook post, or sponsored blog that enters the
space should treat it as hallowed ground and approach it in a
human way or be prepared to be kicked out by the consumer.”

Orion Brown, Senior Associate Brand Manager
Capri Sun at Kraft Foods



Keeping a web presence relevant to search engines
constantly changing and evolving algorithms has often been
likened to wrangling cats. SEO strategy is less underrated
as miscalculated by most agencies.

“It’s not that it’s ignored, but it’s not fully understood by many
webmasters as to how to optimize.”

Erich Marx, Director of Social Media Marketing

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